Eat The Word

Daniel 28378650_10155169294312461_1721708962576088813_nOne of the first scriptures the Lord used to tell me He loves me and I matter -circa 2006, the year I was reborn.

Eat the word so that you may LIVE the word. What’s inside of you will be lived (good or bad) unless you tame it with the word of God.

Your Spirit is only SURVIVING, not THRIVING, if you’re not in your word. Been there and won’t do that again. Don’t be fooled. Thriving is not equivalent to blessings, increase of money, promotions, influence nor a false sense of “freedom”.

I’m speaking of a spiritual robustness.

#TailorMadeWord #HearerAndDoer #NoSubstitutesInChrist #girlywithnoapologies


~Author La’Tivia Elizabeth, GIRLY With No Apologies


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