Blind Conceit


When we only greet, associate, respect, and intermingle with those of an “higher” pedigree, (as we see with our VERY HUMAN and feeble eyes) is proof that the TRUE love of God is not in us or we’re preventing it to be perfected. Now, as Jesus IS very much our standard, did we read that he only associated with the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the likes of them? Orrrr, did he fellowship with those who the world deems as foolish? Low? Impoverished? Sick?

We MUST be aware, careful, and intentional on how we treat each other. Remember, the very person you toot your nose up at may be the answer to your future problem… You may be entertaining an angel… You may be dismissing a diamond while you’re salivating over a temp jewel.

In short, don’t allow the titles of men to be your ruling measure of how you intend to treat people; because in the end, it speaks a lot about you, not the person you’re dismissing. #TheLoveAdvocate #MakeDoingBetterGreatAgain #TrueChange #2018 #GWNA

~La’Tivia Elizabeth, G. W. N. A.


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