Keep Knocking


This is your project to birth out!!!

You’ve always been like a dog with a bone that does not let loose… Let that be reflected in your prayers concerning this thing. Don’t allow your circumstances and natural eyesight to entangle you into marrying doubt or resistance to pray.

Pray this THROUGH! God will release this thing INTO your very hands… just like He delivered Goliath into the hands of David! Go higher in prayer about this!

You got this! Remember WHO you are! You are a BEAST in prayer, who always yield results! You
have produced much fruit from your prayer life. You’ve asked God for a testimony- well this is it! Testimonies aren’t handed to you without some fight, resistance, tears, and testing of your faith.

Now is the time to put in the spiritual work! Use those muscles you’ve gained from previous battles. Muscle memory is REAL! And the best part about it- you have the BACKING OF GOD! Jesus! And the Holy Spirit! The HOLY TRINITY backs you! Time to get to work!

~La’Tivia Elizabeth, G. W. N. A.


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