G.W.N.A. Apparel Reveal and Special!!!!

Oh MY!!!! Please forgive me G.W.N.A. Blog Family! And here’s why…

I recently came out with my GIRLY With No Apologies (G.W.N.A.) apparel line the divine day of 08.08 and I forgot to let you in on the big reveal. *Gasp. Don’t stone me family, LOL! Here’s how I can make it up to you:

We wanted to do something very special for our G.W.N.A. family- sooo, the next FIVE people to purchase our “Overlooked To Be Handpicked” T-shirt, will receive one of La’Tivia Elizabeth’s 30-Day Devotional books for FREE! That’s right – $FREE.99!

Not only can you rep the G.W.N.A. vision, but also feed your spirit with divine, Holy Ghost-filled ministerial writings to start or end your day with God!

Here’s how:
1. Place both your T-shirt and selected Devotional book in the shopping cart. (Don’t forget to select your size: T-shirts are a slim fit)
2. Enter Discount code: GIRLY1 and the $10 fee will be waived.
3. Move quickly- only eligible for the first 5 customers!


~G.W.N.A. Apparel OverlookedHP1


Rectify 39799742_10155550858522461_3125899415894622208_n

For the last few days, as I entered into relentless prayer, I came out with a word that stood out to me. Yesterday was “RECOMPENSE” and today was “RECTIFY”.

I’m not sure how God plans to do it, but I certainly trust Him and His Holy Spirit. What I discern is that God is repairing some things; paying back for the trouble and suffering some of you have been undergoing- and silently.

But He says, “I heard your cry in the wilderness- especially when you thought no one was listening. I was. I’ve been there and always will be. Retribution is on the way!” Thus saith the Lord!

“For the Lord is a God of retribution; he will repay in full.” Jeremiah 51:56

There is a Word For You

Psalm 16 40012743_10155554660247461_7595213655075979264_n

People of God, we are NEVER without a word from God. If you’re in a place where you can’t hear or discern Him- you must draw nearer to Him. Invite His Presence into your heart, mind, and thoughts.

He’s a GREAT COUNSELOR, WISDOM-Giver, Teacher, and Instructor! The word tells us He will withhold no good thing from you. More specifically, if you’re asking for guidance, wisdom, clarity or an answer for a dilemma, He will not hold back from you because those are good things you’re asking for. However, we must be diligent to PRESS into His presence; to remove all distractions, outside voices, and noise from those things, people or settings that are not conducive to you HEARING the only one who knows the plans He has for you (Jeremiah 29:11)!

Well how is this done, La’Tivia? Pray. Worship. Sing unto Him. Meditate. Read your BIBLE. Self-help and motivational books are great, but when you’re in need of a God-word you go to the God-book – The Holy Bible. The words aren’t just mere words, it’s literally the voice of God; it’s alive and sharper than a two-edged sword. God both breathed upon and inspired those words to deliver healing, conviction, instruction, encouragement, hope, and faith.

I challenge you family to get before Him today- be intentional. And I guarantee you will hear what thus saith the Lord. I love you all. Now go in peace.


~La’Tivia Elizabeth, G.W.N.A.