Rectify 39799742_10155550858522461_3125899415894622208_n

For the last few days, as I entered into relentless prayer, I came out with a word that stood out to me. Yesterday was “RECOMPENSE” and today was “RECTIFY”.

I’m not sure how God plans to do it, but I certainly trust Him and His Holy Spirit. What I discern is that God is repairing some things; paying back for the trouble and suffering some of you have been undergoing- and silently.

But He says, “I heard your cry in the wilderness- especially when you thought no one was listening. I was. I’ve been there and always will be. Retribution is on the way!” Thus saith the Lord!

“For the Lord is a God of retribution; he will repay in full.” Jeremiah 51:56

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