Obedience is Your Remedy

Sis, God has already told you to let him go, but yet you’re still holding on. You’re searching for man-made signs and acceptance as proof that you’re not out of the will of God, but you are and your spirit reminds you daily. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Where’s your peace, sister? The disturbance you encounter cannot be prayed or fasted away-


Remember, DELAYED obedience is equivalent to flat out disobedience. God sees what you can’t see sis; He can see the heart and intentions of the very one you’ve decided to keep despite the red flags and warnings.

God wants you to do things His way- submit and you will NOT be disappointed. When will you learn from those around you that have repeatedly said, “I wish I would’ve waited; I wish I would’ve heeded to God’s words; I wish I would’ve allowed God to choose for me.” When, sis? Do you want their same testimony of regret, unnecessary heartbreak and disappointment?

You may feel as if God is punishing you with each “No”, Not yet”, “Let go”, “Don’t”, “He’s not the one”. But on the contrary – He is PRESERVING you sis. You are indeed that special that God won’t allow you to be with just anyone. I remember the wise words of my spiritual Dad, “You marry a destiny, not a person.”

Will you allow yourself to be Overlooked To Be Handpicked by the ORDAINED AND APPOINTED ONE? You are not alone sis. Your sisters are waiting too. Let go. Let God.

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8 thoughts on “Obedience is Your Remedy

  1. This was a really good devotional sis! Absolutely love this —-> “Rep and wear what you’re walking out in faith”. Amen! And, the title alone speaks about anything in our lives that we know that our “obedience” has to be the remedy to our issue. I thought about me trusting God for ALL of my needs and believing that my OBEDIENCE is what will be the “remedy”. Amen! Great post sis! Keep them coming. *high five in the spirit* LOL!

    1. Glory be to God sissy!!! I heard Him so clearly with a sense of urgency for His daughters to take heed. And you are absolutely correct, the title can very much be applied to other aspects of our lives. Wow! That’s good revelation right there sis! Thank you!

      1. Yes sis!! Keep speaking because that was an excellent word hallelujah!! I can tell that it came straight from the 5th HEAVEN’S!! 😉 LOL!!! Tell our Daddy I said hello by the way! *fiah fiah*

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