The Person You Hate, God Loves

Some of us have hatred in our hearts, but we don’t identify it as ‘hate’ because we feel justified in our emotions.

But this judgement is faulty because it’s ‘human judgement’ and many times human judgement lack grace and mercy. We must see others through the eyes of God. I know it’s easier said than done- but it’s attainable.

How else are you able to genuinely pray for an enemy? How else can you forgive the molester? How else can you turn the other cheek when slapped with betrayal? Easy. You consciously and intentionally make the decision to LOVE THOSE WHO GOD LOVES. Hate only breeds sickness in our bodies (e.g., in some cases- your own heart will attack you aka heart attack and heart disease). Forgive. Let go. And love.

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8 thoughts on “The Person You Hate, God Loves

  1. This was really good sis! This part really stood out to me because it is indeed true! ——> “But this judgement is faulty because it’s ‘human judgement’ and many times human judgement lack grace and mercy”. AMEN! Great word of the LORD! May I see thru the eyes of God the mercy He has shown me so that I may sow that same grace and mercies to others. Amen.

  2. This is true. There was a season in my life where God had me praying Daily for those who played a part in hurting me. It was part of my forgiveness towards them process. To be honest I still have to go back to that place with some people because thise feelings may have crept in again.
    I was at a conference a few months ago and the prophet said the same thing. “You hate the one I Love” The prophet explained that God was talking to the woman about herself. Wow! We have to also remember to forgive and love ourselves.

    1. Wonderful transparency! It truly is a process and unfortunately won’t be “felt” overnight. We all need to be reminded of what the Prophet heard from God because it’s so easy to stand firmly behind the hurt and feel justified. Vengeance is the Lord’s and we are commissioned to love. Amen. Thank you for reading and engaging. Blessings.

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