The Person You Hate, God Loves

Some of us have hatred in our hearts, but we don’t identify it as ‘hate’ because we feel justified in our emotions.

But this judgement is faulty because it’s ‘human judgement’ and many times human judgement lack grace and mercy. We must see others through the eyes of God. I know it’s easier said than done- but it’s attainable.

How else are you able to genuinely pray for an enemy? How else can you forgive the molester? How else can you turn the other cheek when slapped with betrayal? Easy. You consciously and intentionally make the decision to LOVE THOSE WHO GOD LOVES. Hate only breeds sickness in our bodies (e.g., in some cases- your own heart will attack you aka heart attack and heart disease). Forgive. Let go. And love.

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Listennnn, the enemy is working overtime to breakup covenant relationships which includes marital covenants, family, church, ordained friendships and business partners.

He’s whispering lies on both ends. He’s making one side highly accusatory, paranoid and suspicious, while highlighting the short comings of the other party. Now, although most of what you’re hearing and seeing are indeed facts, THIS doesn’t negate the malicious intent to cause offense and subsequently premature separation, divorce, and lawsuits.

The word says to “make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.” (Colossians 3:13)

I implore you, hold tight to what GOD blessed and entrusted you with. There’s a powerful reason why you’re together (CHOSEN) and even more reason why you’re being tempted to leave. #StayForRealWoke #NoManIsWithoutSin #Message #InsideTheHeartOfGod #InsideTheEnemysCamp #BeNotIgnorantOfHisDevices #GIRLYWithNoApologies


Love always,

La’Tivia Elizabeth, G.W.N.A.



Good afternoon children of God! I pray that your day has been blessed as you’ve risen with breath in your body. I have been commissioned to bring a word that is aimed to minister to your pain, hurt, and disappointment. This devotional is for the brothers and sisters who have been mishandled by individuals whose titles have “certified” them, however their integrity and/or personal issues failed them. What are you saying La’Tivia Elizabeth? The Holy Spirit wants to minister to those who are hurting in this very hour, bleeding, walking with a false smile attempting to conceal the hidden bruises (feelings/emotions), crushed ribs (hope), tortured hearts (SOUL), and intensified migraines (thoughts). God has seen your hurt. He has been a witness to it all. Nothing is missed or overlooked by the Lord and He cares. He desires for you to be healed in this very hour. What do you do when you’ve been SCARRED BY A “HOLY PEOPLE”? Let’s continue…

I would be erroneous to assume that everyone who reads my devotionals are avid church goers…so please know that whether you’re saved or unsaved this particular word is for you as well. Not everyone has experienced ‘church hurt’; rather, some of us:


  • Have been scarred from the womb- feeling the rejection of his/her parents.
  • Have barely survived sibling rivalry- being the black sheep of the family.
  • Have hardly erased the residue of child molestation.
  • Have barely escaped abusive relationships.

So, I am fully aware that “Holy People” is not solely for the church-bound Saints. Let’s look at the word “holy” in of itself. Holy means to be dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred; divine. Relationships such as marriage covenants are sacred to God. A parent/child relationship and the family structure as a whole definitely has a God-purpose. Therefore, “Holy people” represent those who have a divine relationship with you, however in some way, shape or form you have been mishandled by them. God wants to speak to those dark crevices- the hidden places that you’ve attempted to cover up. A band-aid will not suffice for a bullet wound; band-aids are sufficient for scratches and cuts. This thing has been lying in you for far too long- it’s IN you. Remember, cuts are surface, however, gunshots are intravenous. Others are able to see it now. They are able to smell the “stench” coming from that open wound. The time for HEALING is now; don’t allow yourself to get gangrene.

Let’s start here….no one is asked to be born. When two consenting individuals lie down and procreate the future child has no say in the deal. Therefore, it’s imperative for those who hold such titles as Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Pastor (under Shepherd) and etc. to truly commit to such a sacred relationship and divine calling. We are imperfect people attempting to love perfectly as Jesus Christ loves us. But how do you move on or become healed when you are hurt by those you should reverence? How? The word of God tells us to lay aside every weight and the sin that easily besets us (Hebrews 12:1). Family, did you know that carrying ill emotions are not only burdens to your soul, but also unhealthy weight? It’s quite heavy to carry a bitter heart. It takes much effort to walk in unforgiveness; you become a slave to it. So now, you’re not only carrying the scars of a beaten slave, but also the title and role of one. God says you are a ROYAL Priesthood- we are not slaves! Have you ever noticed how someone who is released from a certain stronghold, past hurt, or even prison seems so “light” on their feet? That’s because what was once holding them down is no longer acting as an anchor. There is power in your forgiveness family. There is power in genuinely praying for the very ones that hurt or abandoned you. The scars begin to heal and close up as we open our hearts for God’s healing balm (the word of God) to enter. The word of God says in Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” The bible does not lie. I repeat, the word of God does not lie. If God said it, then it is so. God is CLOSE to you. The King of the universe is CLOSE to you. The Savior that died on the cross and rose on the third day is CLOSE to you. The Great I Am is CLOSE to you. How comforting is that?

So family, are you ready to do the work to get healed? Are you open to the process? Are you willing to lay aside your justification and pride to become the WHOLE person God has ordained you to be? I’m leaving you with questions because we’ll dig deeper in part 2. For now, go in peace. I love you, but God loves you more.


~La’Tivia Elizabeth, GIRLY With No Apologies




Genesis 2:18, “The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Now ladies AND gentlemen, look at the last 3 words, “SUITABLE FOR HIM.”

Let this echo in your heart: “SUITABLE FOR HIM”


“Suitable” means, “right or appropriate for a particular person, purpose, or situation.“ This means that you were CREATED and MOLDED specifically for the person God has ordained you to marry. Which further means  your personality, body shape, attitude, facial features, business savvy, wisdom, gifts (both carnal and spiritual), talents, past experiences AND most of all purpose, were tailor-made APPROPRIATELY AND SPECIFICALLY for your GOD ORDAINED mate.

Sis, you may sometimes wonder, “Why am I great with numbers (accounting), strategically organized, can multi-task like no one’s business, can handle administration services with ease?” You may even feel like it doesn’t go with your current job/career. Well sis, don’t be shocked WHEN you meet your husband and those very innate traits and gifts you possess will be needed  for his current or upcoming business venture. Maybe he’s doing very well with the ‘product’, but not the front end office work. Maybe he’s being cheated in his incoming revenue due to inappropriate accounting, maybe he’s losing clients because there’s no follow-up or organized marketing taking place…but guess what? This is where YOU fit in Woman of God- with all of your gifts and talents and in essence, your genetic makeup. You were made for HIM.Now don’t get mad at me ladies, this is the word of God. Yes, we all have individual PURPOSES in life, but at the end of the day you are a HELPMATE. To help means to support,  aid, “make it easier for someone to do something by offering one’s services or resources”, to serve, improve, or “be of benefit to.” Do you see the weight that you carry? It’s not solely about getting your Ph.D. and believing you’ve reached the plateau of your career…no, it’s about IMPROVING that man God has intricately designed you for (and yes you can do BOTH). It’s about helping him become his best as well. It’s about being his ‘co-warrior’- assisting in fighting for the Kingdom of God, it’s about being his teammate (helpmate)- tag teaming in prayer, fasting, supplication, service, ministry, raising the children and etc.

Sis, I truly believe as soon as we can understand our role AND its importance within the marriage, how much easier things will begin to flow. We will stop battling to be the decision maker, the head, the provider, the protector, the KING…No, we are Queens! Unfortunately, recent history has taught us that we have to be the stronger vessel because ‘we can’t depend on a man.’ We’ve seen so many of our homes become single- leaving our little boys to be raised by women.

I get it…I WAS that woman that felt like I had to be the rock of the family; I was not going to submit because I didn’t ‘trust’. But no sir, I now gladly give that weight back to my future husband. I’m here to add to you, to assist you, to provide all of my delicate yet powerful intricacies, in order to make this flow better baby. That’s my role. I know it. #FollowTheLeader

I truly pray that this helps someone that’s battling being submissive or the role of submission. We submit to one another…but lighten your load sis. Give it to God and God will give IT to ‘him’ (husband). “It” being whatever he needs to be a better provider, protector, leader, and etc. You cannot CHANGE him nor attempt to take on his role simply because he’s failing as a leader, the provider or whatever. You take it to God in prayer, and THERE… is where change and growth will take place.


I’m coming down your aisle in just a few…hold on, I’ll be back. J

Now go in peace.

~La’Tivia Elizabeth

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